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Advantages & Reasons to Use Oracle Primavera Software P6

Primavera P6 is professional and amazing software program, which is employed not by simply planners, and also project professionals, engineers, schedulers, and other people involved with planning, management, project reporting.

Primavera P6 possesses benefited every industry through aerospace to be able to manufacturing, electronics to information technology, Telecom sector to Civil, and all other sectors that are involved in business management. To spotlight this, here are the 9 reasons/advantages of Oracles Primavera software that each project professionals/managers and planners should know about.


The main advantages of using Primavera P6 software program include:

  • Diminished risk along with cost connected with schedule overrun.
  • It helps easily prepare and control project things to do.
  • It optimizes management off resources.
  • It offers clear field of vision of what’s taking in the particular project.
  • It allows quick and easy forecasting connected with WBS’s, things to do or assignments.
  • You can monitor progress along with view past period efficiency for credit reporting purposes.
  • Usage of Primavera P6 by simply companies worldwide allows greater communication between 1 another. Furthermore generating, management, and knowledge of schedule, costs information will become simpler.
  • Assists you easily breakdown projects’ along with activities’ structure.
  • The item allows simple collaboration between all assignments users.
  • Innovations to Team Fellow member Web Interface which include more flexibility for you to delegate responsibility regarding updating project operate, ability to view documents and notebook topics, and replace activity codes as well as user defined grounds.
  • Robust graphic output including a chance to stack fields, coloration code bars as well as endpoints, and implement unlimited labels having individual font adjustments.
  • Usability changes including customization connected with column names, searching on multiple columns, enhanced document support, and default web page configuration.
  • XML importing capabilities that offer granular control above global data being imported to compliment more effective contractor/sub-contractor/supplier collaboration.
  • Improved integration among P6 EPPM as well as Unifier Cost Controls that can help organizations align schedule, budgets, and expenses.

Why you should integrate Primavera P6?

Based on rough statistics, more than 575 of 600 top engineering companies in United States use and make use of Primavera P6 software package. In addition to these all military and federal agencies also use Primavera P6.

From your above, one can easily conclude the use of Primavera P6 software package. Primavera P6 is surely an amazing project management application that is certainly used worldwide and which helps inside planning, managing and controlling project charges, activities, resources, efficiently and easily. There are lots of institutes worldwide that provide Primavera P6 training.


No matter which field you are part of, it is excellent to sit inside a Primavera P6 course and practice this. Once you’ve obtained Primavera P6 training, you may simply find better job opportunities, you could possibly be offered better position within your company, and your salary could possibly be raised.

If you desire to learn more about how exactly use utilize and implement the many function Primavera capabilities, click the link below to have IMS team participant contact you to get a free consultation.


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