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Energy and utility has been a growing industry . and like every growing industry, sectors related to energy and utility has been facing challenges. Oracle primavera has given them solutions to their management needs. This blog mainly covers Primavera P6 EPPM for energy and utility . the solutions include earned value, risk management, cost management and related factors. The elaborative factors includes balancing your company’s capital investments, maintenance operations and resource allocations. This factors can highly effect the progressive and success strategies of your business. This is very important to make sure that your maintenance and capital projects are fully aligned with company’s strategic goals and are delivered on project and are within the estimated cost. The most important factor that it is in the proposed budget. With the primavera proposed solutions , oil and gas companies are able to meet their goals , overcome resource shortages and capture best  practices. The energy sector includes gas, oil and coal. The goals are CapEx , lower OpeX costs , manage and mitigate the risks effecting the success of your business. The progress can be done when the risk effecting factors are mitigated.

So that your project can offer high ROI’s . With oracle’s primavera portfolio management discover how a single management system can drive various capabilities, the capabilities include

1. absolute alignment between company strategy, execution and results. Goals that are important.

2. managing the program lifecycle from the idea generation to the execution of project lifecycle.

3. project cost controls and financial management which include the strategies of earned value systems.

4.transperancy and visibility into business decisions.

5. internal and external resource management, which includes resource identification, resource allocation and resource management.

The methodology of prescient solutions group is proven to assist you in anticipating future business needs, assistance and requirements.  The energy services and utilities are combined with hundred of laws proclaiming the various needs. The regulations, codes and regulatory agencies that effect the way you carry out the business strategies.

Technology solutions provide the most reliable and effective solutions in the industry , response time. Efficient customer service is critical to all organizations. Do you ever struggle with decision making due to lack of quick information? Let Prescient solutions group serve you as your partner and carry your business to the heights you aim to get it. Your go-to technology partner. Constantly providing and anticipating your business and technology needs.

The experience of prescient solutions group in working the utility and energy  industry goes up to 25 years. We use the domain knowledge of your industry to make sure and ensure that every software solution we develop for you  100% compliant with the domain we are offering it to. Your industry and your corporate strategy. Our main focus is on quality and ever changing industry needs delivering solutions that will help accelerate your business progress as well as meet the changing dynamic and vast needs of your energy and utility industry.4

The focus is also on exceeding expectations. Solutions that make the objectives clear and attainable , that makes your company’s growth possible.

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