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Construction Claim Support

At prescient solutions group we give you the expertise that is reliable and you can count on it. In construction every step can have massive consequences, which are why you have to take care of each and every minute step you take and every decision you make. Failing to act to some situation adverse or not may be worse. Make sure every single step you take is on firm grounds and the step you take you are sure about the consequences will go in your favor. If it’s not obvious one thing can be make sure that the situation is always in your hands and you are prepared for the worse.

 Construction claim support


PSGINC and its consulting services provide the extra measure of guidance needed to act with confidence. We work daily on multimillion-dollar deals and at times more than this. The markets include virtual markets in every sector globally e.g. from construction claim analysis to CPM scheduling or from drafting initial contract language to provide expert testimony.  TRAUNER’S has done it all. It has given us a very valuable and much needed perspective on how, when and why a problem arises and the UN paralleled expertise to guide our clients to the best of our knowledge and to lead them towards success.

Guidance up front:

Call it street smarts. Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to recognize red flag immediately. Our expertise systems recognize what’s wrong and act immediately according to the situation. So you can avoid or resolve disagreements before they enlarge and are changed into bigger, expensive and bitter disputes.

Dogged detective work:

When a project does derail. TRAUNER can determine what’s wrong, what step should be taken in order to rectify it. Precisely to determine why it went off the track. We methodically dig through the project, digging through each and every detail, identifying the source of an issue it’s effect on the parties, how it may result into a dispute or create a problem for the stakeholders and it’s credible resolution without being assumptions or being biased.

Impartial expertise:

You can trust in what we say, you don’t have a choice. Do you. Or let’s take it this way: you will never need another choice when you will experience our TRAUNER once. Drilldown the truth is affecting the health of your project. Whether it’s good or bad or otherwise and effectively communicates those findings. We bring the solutions accurate to your need and will help fixate the error affecting the health of your project. We bring the kills that resolve the issues and get you back to business. That’s the major reason PSGINC is a name of trust for many of the major owners, builders, sureties, stakeholders and the authorities. Not only the big guns but also the entrepreneurs that are new to the business yet have the same passion and interest to take their business to heights and give their customers the best of the best possible.


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