Primavera Unifier uDesigner Fundamentals 9.13

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4 Days Course

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This Primavera Unifier: uDesigner Fundamentals training enables you to design business processes, attribute forms and shells. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you develop the knowledge and skills to make effective design decisions that will transform designs into a functioning user interface.

AUDIENCE: Administrator System Administrator

PREREQUISITE: This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments






  • Overview of navigation
  • Basic features
  • User administration
  • uDesigner development concepts
  • Hands-On designing
  • Business process
  • re-use forms
  • Workflow Functionalities
  • conditional routing
  • sub-workflows
  • building formulas
  • validations
  • Form Functionality & Integration
  • Unifier Objects
  • Creating Objects
  • Creating Data Structures
  • Defining Data Business Process Creation
  • Re-using Forms
  • Upper Form Templates
  • Simple-Type Business Process
  • Non-Workflow Business Process
  • Text Type Business Process
  • Document Type Business Process
  • Workflow Functionality
  • Conditional Routing
  • Sub-Workflows Form Functionality
  • Formulas
  • Validation Consolidation
  • Resets
  • Utilize uDesigner
  • Follow good design practices
  • Learn business process types
  • Create data structures
  • Create shells
  • Create business processes
  • Attribute forms

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Download PDF for details of the Primavera Primavera Unifier uDesigner Fundamentals 9.13


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