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Project Management Health Check

Reviewing your project management processes is often like taking your Vehicle in for service.

You know something is not right, but your not quite sure where to start….

PSG’s discovery workshop allows our consultants to perform a thorough analyze every component of your project management related assets. We interview key personnel with a list of more than 70 questions. After these interviews, we develop a profile of your project management/control system. From there, we determine areas that are running smoothly and others that could use a tune-up.

This Discovery work shop and analysis report takes one to three  days to complete.We use these indicators:

  • Relationship differential
  • Critical path review
  • Cost loaded issues
  • Real constraint issues
  • Schedule flexibility


After checking these indicators and more—the project management equivalent of running an engine diagnostics—we will provide you with a comprehensive list of our findings and solutions.

Following the review, the PSG team is available to work with you on implementation or your team may perform and execute the reccomendations interanlly.


PSG Primavera Consultants have assisted clients from a broad range of industries on long and short term project engagements.


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