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Does Internet of Things(IoT) changing project management?

Internet of things refers to ever growing network of physical objects that contains an IP address that features for internet connectivity. The communication that occurs between these devices and systems is what enables.

IOT-project-managementThe way IOT is changing project management is not just because everything these days is internet enabled but because the software for project management we use will be more inter connected. And hiring project managers will help us in handling the projects whether it is research or development in a better way. And even if your projects are not IOT related today, they will be in the near future.

There are a number of people that think IOT is not related to construction or medicine. For example if you are digging the road or working on some product of home appliance or working in the clothing industry, how does the internet of things effects project management there.

You don’t think it is vital to all the industries, it is, for now IOT is in its infancy. It is a broad term but we can narrow it down to enhance our understanding they say basically it’s a networking thing that have something embedded. Which allows to gather and share data. Which is indeed the very point of progress these days. Let us take an example here. A retailer has a dress, he thinks of doing something new, different and innovative with this dress. Starting from health care or may be it can even alert to health care. All of this just based on one dress. Another point is that this dress can even alert the person from some dangers. Like they are not aware of a car coming up from behind them and they might get hit form that car.  It doesn’t basically includes wires hanging all around or big things coming out of the dress just some technical things embedded as a thread or whatever stuff the dress is made up of.

A number of people believes the internet to be old and soon to be replaced by something else. But internet of things is the next big thing because innovation and communication would always be the need of the hour. A need for progress, development, innovation and handling the projects with the most refine and adequate knowledge of things.

As mentioned in our previous articles, IOT will change the way we drive our business models, it might change the way we do business, automating things that are done manually today or in the near past. Same things will be revolutionized by the use of IOT. It will have positive effects enhancing professional efficiencies and operational efficiencies.

Let us take here an example of a 3D printer for a better understanding of IOT and how it relates to project managers, a project manager will go to the R&D folks. Bringing the system where it needed to be whether the system needs to communicate? The project manager will go back to the R&D asking them, have you think of this or have you think of that.



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