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Project Management Software for General Contractors


IPM understands the challenges you face as a GC. There’s a lot of information associated with any construction project. Closing RFIs, getting accurate information for submittals, making sure that change orders have written sign-offs instead of a quick verbal approval – these are the details that can make or break the profits for the whole project.

Moving faster saves time and money, but information and accuracy often get sacrificed in the process. You need your project team members to be accountable for getting things done – but with so much going on, how do you track who’s got what ball in which court?

Organizing and managing documents can feel impossible when you have 10,000 emails, multiple revisions to plan sets and other communications going back and forth between team members who may be located across town, around the state, or even around the world. The volume of paperwork is endless when you start counting up the different versions and updates made to contracts, insurance documents, project plans, RFIs, submittals, and change orders.

IPM makes it possible to get control of all of this project information. We’ve been working on making cloud-based construction project software simple since before most people on the job site were even online. IPM brings seamless collaboration to your projects. We make it easy to set up a single hub where the owner, architects, engineers, and specialty contractors can all stay up-to-date on project progress, changes and information flow.

IPM is cloud-based, meaning you don’t have to worry about computer server expense or maintaining a costly IT infrastructure. We take care of the computers and data, so that your team gets anytime, anywhere access via the Internet to your project data.

Even IPM’s pricing is simple. You tell us about your company – how many projects you typically work on each year, how big your team is – and we’ll give you a single flat price that includes training, implementation, support, and all of the users you want to bring on to IPM’s construction project management software. No per-user fees, ever. No having to worry about managing user licenses. Best of all, most of our clients can get their first projects up and running within days of purchasing a IPM access agreement.

You need software that is capable of taking complexity and making it simple. Schedule a convenient online, screen-share demonstration of IPM today to see how we can help you turn construction project management into a competitive advantage.


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