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Integrating Primavera P6 with Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera P6 can be very useful if integrated with social media, websites and other enterprise systems. It can greatly help in revamping management processes, improving transparency of available information and reduce costs. However, the transition may not sound very easy for a lot of IT departments.


The canvas of functionalities given to Primavera P6 is very wide. It is fully capable of assisting management in complete prioritization, planning, management and execution of projects. It is able to leverage responsibilities, skills, and role-based functionalities. The Enterprise Project Portfolio Management can singlehandedly adapt to various levels of dynamism and complexity involved in various projects. Besides, its ability to be scaled up to multiple projects and any number of users in different roles make it the most comprehensive project management tool available.
MGS can handle variety of projects for customers. It is able to handle both small and large scale projects of customers. You can now integrate Oracle’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management via iBOLT Integration suit for CRM, ERP and proprietary systems.
Project management needs methodology and discipline to ensure a project gets completed successfully. The ability to execute disciplined project management skills involves deployment of right application platform and technologies. Integration of operational systems with project management systems plays a pivotal role in effectiveness of a project management office.
The integration requirements and patterns differ from one organization to another. Different organizations deploy various enterprise systems as per their specific needs. One piece of information updated in one system is automatically updated into another system. Similarly, associating one completed activity with another is very important for an ERP system. There can be several examples quoted in this regard like hourly billing, milestone payments, and threshold payments.
The rules and criteria in which one organization works usually differs from that of another. The visual configurable business flow tools are well suited for this kind of integration. Organizations need to work with these tools to optimize various IT processes in order to effectively support the Project Management Office. Make sure the business processes which are supporting PMO are well integrated otherwise you may need to start introducing your own integration processes.
The experience working with various technologies is critically important as it helps understand other factors involved which may include creation of detailed mapping requirements, defining business rules, utilization of use case scenarios, and normalization of data. The understanding developed for Primavera P6 is only part of the entire integration process. In order to get a grasp of everything, hiring expert for everything is very costly. The best way forward is to outsource the work.


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