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IPM Global Signs Prescient Solutions Group As It’s Newest Channel Partner In North America



IPM global has currently signed PSGINC as their newest partner in the region of North America. On 6th February 2013. IPM global is very pleased to announce the signing of prescient solutions Group Company, as it’s newest channel partner in the region of North America. The new signing allows PSG to provide AEC firms in the United States with the access to and support for IPM Global’s project management software. In this regard the principal controlling post bearer Lance Drossman at IPM said: IPM has been at the forefront of developing technology targeted at the needs of professionals related to construction for years. Nowadays project managers, owners; stakeholders of the project are mainly tasked with managing the ever-changing needs of capital projects. PSGINC is delighted as well as excited about our relationship with IPM and the new journey we are about to start with a hope that it would prove to be great success and an example of a success story for the years to come. We also feel the product offers easy to use functionality that will give assistance our customers project management, collaboration and document management needs through IPM’S intuitive and very familiar software interface embedded in Microsoft outlook for windows. In this era, the need for technology and the rapidly changing environment. More then ever, projects have become increasingly and rapidly more complex, continually straining and placing burden on an organization’s time and resources. As a partner and reseller for leading and innovative technology. The companies like IPM, oracle, citizen, IBM and INMAGE, is able to meet our client’s most important and prestigious needs and requirements. Which specialise in project management, application consulting systems integration, application development and the support for infrastructure.

The basic purpose of this project management system is to ensure the provision of needs to the project managers and fulfilling their needs and requirements, with the project managers, the construction staff as well, the main purpose is to operate how they already think. The main key features are as follows:

1. Centralised project visibility

2. High adoption rate due to the extension of Microsoft outlook

3. Customisable and flexible, which can meet the customer’s

4. Seamless integration to back end financials.

PSGINC is a next generation project management software suite that provides scalable solution with all the functionality needed to meet the requirements of today’s busy project managers.

Presented through Microsoft outlook and seamlessly integrating mail and calendar services with day-to-day delivery of services and operations. IPM by joining hands with PSGINC in the region of North America puts project management squarely where project staff spends more off their time for beneficial outputs.

The most important thing we learned about this was, IPM global supports integration with outlook; it gives us a way to track email and store them in the project management system. Microsoft outlook has been used for most of the communications purposes these days and the emails are now automatically tracked.  “Nothing has to be done, everything is automatically done.”


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