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Saas & Hosting

SaaS & Hosting Solutions – Software as a Service

What is SaaS Hosting?

SaaS Hosting allows you to provide your clients a software solution/application via the internet. A typical hosted SAAS solution includes dedicated or virtual servers running your custom application which users access via the web. Some SAAS solutions are websites and others are custom desktop applications. Desktop applications are accessed by the end client using remote desktop/terminal services to login to the server.

We supply and setup the hardware, our specialty, you load and configure your specialty your application.

Datacenter SaaS Hosting Benefits:

  • Low startup costs since we supply the hardware.
  • 100% uptime for internet connectivity via multiple blended internet providers.
  • Expandable bandwidth which can increase as needed.
  • Backup UPS clusters with Backup Generators for 100% power guarantee.
  • Root access via RDP for windows along with KVM over IP for dedicated environments.
  • Onsite staff 24×7 – Unlike most offices someone is always available to touch a server.

SaaS Hosting Solutions:

Each solution is tailored to your needs and ranges from a dedicated server to a hybrid hosting solution, this can include virtual and or dedicated servers.

Possible solutions:

  • 1 server providing the application via web services or a web site
  • 1 to many webservers accessing application and database servers when 1 server can no longer handle the web traffic
  • 1 or more Terminal Servers providing remote desktop access to a custom application
  • Private vmware© cluster of host servers connected to a SAN for storage.
  • Hybrid combination of virtual and physical servers.

Primavera Software Hosting and Managed Services

Software providers have traditionally delivered their software solutions by installing and supporting them on their clients’ internal computers and networks. Today, software vendors are receiving more requests to deliver their Software as a Service in a hosted environment.  Allowing customers to avoid the expense and complexity of running these systems internally. Likewise, software vendors prefer to concentrate on developing software, not managing infrastructure. Prescient Solutions Group delivers best of breed SaaS and hosting solutions to relieve customers of this burden.

Comprehensive management of an organization’s systems, business processes, staffing and leadership results in standardized operations, simplified governance, and operational efficiencies all which create real cost savings. PSG’s Enterprise Outsourcing partnership allows organizations to capitalize on an outsourcing methodology – and serve their customers more effectively – that enables more effective administration, management, and measurement of business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Focused on client objectives while seeking to reduce overall operating costs, PSG’s Managed Services leverages a broad spectrum of dedicated/shared managed services, technology experts, and program management methodologies.

Additional cost savings:

  • Reduced redundancy costs
  • Cost maintenance and budgeting
  • Mapping IT to performance matrixes
  • Consolidated vendor management

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