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Primavera P6 Implementation Services

Primavera has given a number of solutions when it comes to handling your project. It could prove to be the best solution when it comes to managing people, resources and scheduling tasks for people involved in working for your project. For this regard the Prescient solution group offers a tool for scheduling which will make sure and ensure the tasks being carried out and completed in record time and as per required by the customer. It ensures a successful primavera software roll out.


Prescient Solutions Group want to make your task a more flexible one by ensuring to give the best solution possible, buying primavera is a good solution but that doesn’t do all the job. To install a large and complex management system like primavera is a complex task, but you can smoothly carry out this by adopting the implementation services of the prescient solution group. PSG possesses a reliable experience when it comes to giving services for implementation. Successful installation of primavera is sometimes a tricky challenge at hand that may require skills and experience. It may also require deep understanding of standard procedures of project management approach in which the skill and experience would go hand in hand. It is very common for people falling in traps when they are new to primavera or have not yet experienced of implementing primavera services at large scale that they of misunderstand the needs, for this we need to hire people who have knowledge of handling complex management systems with also having sound knowledge of the ground realities which need to be catered.


Few of the major problems being faced by project managers these days are,


1. Poor education

2. Poor training

3. Poor monitoring

4. User adoption issues

5. Technical integration with other enterprise systems including oracle applications, SAP and people soft etc.

6. Performance concerns

7. Incomplete process design

Primavera implementation services helps you figure out all these problems.

If you are looking for a successful implementation PSGINCS (Prescient Solutions Group Inc.  ) can prove to be your best technology partner in this regard. It has mastered implementations services by using enterprise project and portfolio management (EPPM) and earned value management systems. (EVMS). It helps you get the benefits of business you expect, real fast.

PSG is the best technical solution partner, it helps you deploy, tune, upgrade oracle Primavera P6 in your organization.

There are few thing which need to be kept in mind while undertaking the implementation services for primavera software. It is deployed in three ways:

1. the most common is to deploy is as a stand alone software on a desktop computer for a customer’s project management needs.

2. For small businesses who have office networks at their location, it can be installed as a client server environment. This configuration allows primavera to be installed to the local PC and the applications database either an oracle or Microsoft SQL database to be installed on a network server.

3. It is also being ideal for internet based use, because of the increased need for collaboration and mobility.


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