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Primavera Real Estate Management World-Class Real Estate Management

Primavera Real Estate Management provides comprehensive tools for planning, tracking, and managing your real estate portfolio. Make strategic decisions effectively and accurately for leased and owned properties. Rules and compliance requirements are kept up to date for easy lease management. Primavera Real Estate Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

Overview of primavera real estate management-a world class approach:

  • Comprehensive management and tracking of leased and owned properties across an entire real estate portfolio
  • Support for landlord and tenant lease types to allow tracking of expenses and income separately
  • Automated tracking of costs and expenses by department, space, or payees
  • Create and track lease payments automatically and roll up information to each facility’s cost worksheet or across your real estate portfolio
  • Manage critical dates and allow Unifier to notify you of upcoming lease dates that require your attention
  • Utilize flexible workflows to route, review, and approve common real estate transactions such as site selection and acquisition, dispositions, new lease initiation, subleasing, lease termination, and more

Features and benefits include:

  • Lease management
    • Flexible, configurable lease management capabilities to support tenant and landlord lease types
    • Automate payment requests and tracking of costs and expenses, associate lease payments with designated cost codes, and roll up to the facility’s cost worksheet
    • Track lease payment terms, contacts, key dates, clauses, tenant improvement allowances, security deposits, and more
    • Straight line rent calculation
    • Automate notifications and alerts for critical dates
    • Ability to support rent roll reports for a single property or across the portfolio

·         Document management

    • Leverage a robust audit trail of document changes to reduce tension across team members
    • The system ensures that all members of your team are always working on the most current document versions

·         Portfolio management

    • Set up and manage portfolio by region, property, site, or any other structure that suites your business organizational hierarchy
    • Full visibility into all real estate information across the entire portfolio with drill-down capabilities
    • Real-time portfolio data through visual dashboards help track performance against business objectives
    • Single, integrated, real estate and facility lifecycle management solution lets you view, compare, and report information for a single property or across your entire real estate portfolio—all in real time

·         Transaction management

    • Initiate and track strategic transactions, such as site/property acquisitions, dispositions, lease initiations and renewals, subleasing, terminations, and more
    • Automate management of scope, tasks, and deadlines through Primavera Unifier’s business process workflows
    • Complex transactions can be configured to handle scope, schedules, costs, documents, and related due diligence processes
    • Ability to configure the solution for tracking other real estate transactions, such as commission tracking processes and reporting


Conclusive discussion:

Use portfolio property KPI’S and dash boards for quality management

Set up and manage complex lease agreements for both tenant and land lord

Track property taxes and other fixed costs

Consolidate all costs and payments for lease and property

View portfolio profile and metrics by portfolio heirarchy


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