Primavera Software Support

Primavera Software Support

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PSG's Knowledge Management Console

PSG's Knowledge Management and Online Support lets your team:

  • Easily search for knowledge articles within an open ticket.
  • Automatically display the relevant articles based on ticket classification and description.
  • Focus on the most relevant solutions through search criteria.
  • Attach contents of the knowledge article directly into the ticket—including cause, resolution, classification fields, and attachments—to speed record keeping.
  • Create a knowledge base article with one click by using existing resolved ticket content.
  • Track used solutions automatically for reporting on the most effective entries.
  • PSG Customers can Create PSG Help Desk Ticket.
  • Define frequently asked questions (FAQs) and make available to end users.

Prescient Solutions Group, Inc. does not provide support on behalf of Oracle Corporation. If you have purchased your software license(s) through PSG and have valid a maintenenance and support contract, please submit you Help Desk ticket. If you require direct Oracle support please visit

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