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Primavera Unifier And Primavera uDesigner Experience

The topic which would be covered in this article would be the use and importance of a unifier. PSG’S unifier consultants can assist in various programs and activities which include training, implementing and process modeling using Primavera unifier and primavera uDesigner experience. Which was formally known as skire.

Contact us today to discuss your implementation and oracle cloud deployment etc. it would surely be the best solution for your training needs.


When getting started, there are some important introductions to be made:

Oracle primavera unifier deployable on premise or hosted.

  1. Primavera unifier (on premise):

Traditional software licenses that you install in your own environment.

  1. Primavera unifier cloud service (hosted):

A cloud service hosted and managed by oracle on oracle’s servers.


Primavera unifier is made up of five separately licensed modules:


Primavera unifier capital planning

Primavera unifier project delivery management

Primavera unifier cost controls

Primavera unifier facility managements

Primavera unifier facility management

Primavera Unifier for Cost Control


Managing costs on a project by looking in the rear view mirror makes project controls a nearly impossible task. Yet, that is how many of today’s capital projects are managed, whether done using spreadsheets, an ERP system or an internally developed solution. Being able to see pending costs in real-time with the ability to see all of the underlying and related causes, including the critical engineering information for immediate analysis, is the only way to ensure proper cost control.


Unifier’s Cost Manager solves these problems and more. Whether you are executing multi-year capital programs, managing the construction of a single new facility, or managing a portfolio of IT projects, the Cost Manager delivers real-time visibility into the financial status of your projects or programs. All financial data — funding, budgets, commitments, appropriations, expenditures, etc. — are available in the cost sheet. You will have full confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of your forecasts, estimates and budget control.

The cost sheets employ a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, which can be tailored to match your existing standards. Define your own break- down structure, column definitions, formulas and labels. Drill down to individual records and transactions, even line items, from any source data, including critical engineering information and workflow history. Supplement the cost sheet with supporting worksheets and work packages.

As you would expect from Unifier’s integrated solutions, the cost manager works seamlessly with the funding manager, schedule manager, cash flow engine, portfolio manager, business processes, earned value calculations, resource manager, project gates and more. Unifier’s overall Cost Manager solution also includes fully configurable schedule of values and Payment Application support.

Primavera Unifier for Document Management & Collaboration

Having the most current documents readily available to all project participants is critical to driving efficiency and reducing errors and omissions on projects. A robust audit trail of document changes reduces tension across project participants, decreases the risk of change orders and claims, and helps drive on-schedule and on-budget performance.

The Document Manager is part of Unifier’s secure, web-based architecture, allowing superior local or worldwide collaboration between project team members or across the organization.


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