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Primavera Unifier for Document Management & Collaboration

Having the most current documents readily available to all project participants is critical to driving efficiency and reducing errors and omissions on projects. A robust audit trail of document changes reduces tension across project participants, decreases the risk of change orders and claims, and helps drive on-schedule and on-budget performance.


The Document Manager is part of Unifier’s secure, web-based architecture, allowing superior local or worldwide collaboration between project team members or across the organization. The system ensures that all members of your team are always working on the most current versions, and dramatically increases efficiencies by providing ready access to all documents from anywhere at any time.


Contract Management

Unifier’s Contract Management solution addresses the unique challenges of capital construction. Purpose-built for the industry, it eliminates manual processes and has been proven to significantly streamline contract and change management procedures. Unifier helps you manage all of your contracts regardless of type, from simple material procurement to complex con- struction contracts. It captures all relevant contract details and supports subsequent processes for change management to put you in control. Invoicing can range anywhere from simplified line item billing to complex payment applications that track percent completion, retainage, stored materials and more. And with Unifier’s Custom Print capabilities, you can even design and generate contract documents or invoices in which you can easily merge transaction details with organizational branding, terms and conditions or any other boiler plate information. With full vendor management capabilities, and unique functionality such as easy access and visibility of all related business process records, Unifier is a robust, intuitive and complete contract management solution.


The system uses a flexible folder structure to support the requirements of any type of project, and is governed by a detailed set of permissions that can be applied to entire folders or individual documents. Its embedded file viewer supports hundreds of file types, allowing viewing, edit- ing, storage, commenting, as well as powerful redline and markup capabilities, of virtually any type of document or drawing. In addition to basic features that you would expect from an enterprise document manager — check-in/check-out, lock/unlock, revision control, detailed audit logs, shortcuts to commonly used files and folders, robust reporting capabilities — Unifier’s Document Manager also includes many advanced features, including tight integration with Unifier’s market-leading business process and workflow engine, automatic storage of business process attachments into specific folders, email alerts, control of file access by project phase, drawing reference file management, and more.



Primavera Unifier for Cash Flow Management


Cash flow management is important for maintaining the financial integrity of a project. Project managers and executives rely on accurate, comprehensive reporting and analysis of transactions and the ability to reliably forecast trends and risks. Spreadsheets are often the tool of choice for cash flow management, but are fraught with errors and data integrity issues, as well as many other limitations.

Unifier’s advanced Cash Flow engine allows you to baseline budgets, track actual costs, and calculate reliable forecasts. Cash flow data is displayed both graphically as cash flow curves and in worksheet form for complete analysis.


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