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Primavera P6 (SaaS)

Primavera Software Subscription in the Cloud

Benefits of Primavera Software in the Cloud


    • Best-of-breed Oracle Primavera software
    • Accelerated availability for faster “time to business use”
    • Configured by Senior Program Controls and Primavera Experts
    • Implements “best practices” proven on world-class programs
    • Functionality can scale and adapt to business demands
    • No up-front Primavera Software licensing fee
    • High availability platform & licensing scales with your business
    • Low upfront investment means ROI is measured in months
    • Integrates with enterprise systems for seamless flow-through
    • Availability at start-up to team members in all locations
    • Reliable support, backup and recovery

Primavera Software when deployed On Demand in the Cloud is a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution for planning, managing, and executing projects and programs. With an Oracle Primavera software subscription, Primavera P6 delivers on demand access anytime via the cloud. Organizations of all sizes and maturities can now implement Oracle’s Primavera software a “best of bread” Project Management solution that is proven, scalable and feature-rich, delivering immediate value today and long term.

Organizations with immediate requirements can benefit from a streamlined PPM deployment and the option to seamlessly leverage capabilities as their needs mature. Companies with established project management and IT governance processes can implement the full functionality of Oracle Primavera Software subscription right away, an options not previously available for Primavera Software customers.

Features of Oracle Primavera Sofware Subscription:

  1. Rich, On Demand functionality
  2. Plan, schedule, and control projects
  3. Assign resources to tasks and track progress
  4. Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan
  5. Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternatives
  6. Allows schedule updates from multiple users at the same time
  7. Produce schedule and resource reports and graphics

Product Architecture – learnmore

The Oracle Primavera Platform is built from the ground up to fully embrace the cloud. It provides the standards-based services required to deliver scalable, reliable deployments.

Primvera EPPM in the Cloud makes Primavera Project Management Software Applications, even more accessible and affordable than ever. Whether you’re now using a simple spreadsheet or database to manage project portfolios, or you’re a current Primavera user, the cost-saving and workflow-optimizing benefits of moving to the Critigen EPPM Cloud are clear:

  • Low up-front investment means ROI is measured in months, not years
  • Best-of-breed Oracle Primavera software
  • Implements “best practices” proven on world-class programs
  • Functionality can scale and adapt to business demands
  • High availability platform; licensing scales with your business
  • Integrates with enterprise systems for seamless flow-through
  • Available to team members in all locationsat start-up
  • Reliable support, backup and recovery

With years of in enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) and program management expereince, PSG is uniquely qualified to provide a full-service partnership to Cloud-based EPPM software and consulting services. Whether you’re developing an infrastructure for hospital expansion, managing a pipeline company’s assets, or overseeing a local transportation project, PSG can provide the insight and control needed for successfully manage your programes through managed services.

The EPPM Cloud delivers value to any organization with multiple projects in different stages of development and implementation. Local governments, airport and aviation agencies, oil and gas/pipeline companies, transportation departments architecture /engineering/construction (AEC) firms: any organization with “lots of moving parts” can realize cost- and time-related savings with the EPPM Cloud.

The EPPM Cloud provides Primavera’s robust project portfolio management in a monthly subscription service, integrated with implementation services and project services, with no up-front licensing fee. This web-based benefit also takes your organization out of the data center business and allows it to focus on its true strengths.

* Primavera Software Subscriptions require a minimum number of users. Please Call 866.823.1890 for details

PSG Primavera Consultants have assisted clients from a broad range of industries on long and short term project engagements.

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