Unifier Project Delivery Management

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Project Delivery Management is a powerfulIt, easy-to-use solution for managing collaboration and communication across projects. It provides configurable business workflow to capture and record all aspects of documentation required during project execution. While it comes out of the box with common processes such as requests for information (RFIs), daily progress reports, meetings, and submittals for rapid deployment, it is highly configurable to each unique customer requirement.

Unifier Project Delivery Management Module

Legacy Primavera customers have user Primavera Contract Management for construction collaboration.

General Comparisons of Unifier to Contract Management

Contract Management


– Established cloud product with many trained users

– Base product has built in functionality for a quick deployment

– Limited customizability except through Web Services

– Future development may be limited

Both have unique characteristics

– Almost complete customizability with more built in functionality

– Work flows and custom input screens (forms)

– Base product Business Processes can be implemented quickly

– Integration with P6, Content Repository, ERP systems

– Product (Platform) of the future

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