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PSGINC has always strived for the best forits customers, bringing them the best solutions for their professional related fields.  PSGINC has a reputation for giving excellence to the customer’s product and collaborating with them to get it to the heights of their professional needs.

The reviews and feedback we got in the previous year has been of great honor for us. This compels us to works more for the mutual greater good, which not only grow us as a company, but also make our customers the best choice for people when selecting from the organizations.

The reviews to be mentioned are

“Great company to work for, with paths of advancement for people who are smart and want to work hard. “

The person giving review has been an anonymous employ at PSGINC. He further adds to his talk.


“I have always been treated fairly. In my time at prescient group solutions.I can’t say for anyone else. Compensation has been above average.  The company has been getting many clients in the past few years, which have generated a number of opportunities for junior level staff to move up and run their own specific account .The culture is friendly, the atmosphere is good. The staff is supportive as well as getting your back for things on hand.

Seminars are held by the company every week or few weeks to highlight the changing trends of technology. senior level engineers and technological staff has always been a great support and have our backs in times of hardships or if something is not getting the right way whether they are on the same account or not.


By the nature of the business, staff is decentralized with most of them being assigned full time to specific client or client sites.  Thismay result in a negative approach, which is limiting the direct interaction with other senior or junior level staff members. Who are not assigned to the same project as you have been assigned to.

The one advice that need to be given as a loyal member of the enterprise is to focus on managerial stuff when it comes to IT team.

Another member added his experience:

He says:

The pros include, IT OUTSOURCING. The main focus is on growth and customer satisfaction and need identifying as long as I h=have been there. The company has stood through tough times with his employees and has made serious efforts to support all the crew with financial and economical allows. The sense of teamwork you get to witness as well as personally practice is not seen in other organizations. Where IT is simply considered as an overhead expense. The enterprise is a growing organization, which gives you opportunity to get a varied skill set and wider experience that can be had at a large organization.


The cons include, like in every organization, sometimes the things don’t work out the way they should mostly when it comes to managerial stuff.


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