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SAAS And Hosting


This blog covers the essentials of SAAS and it’s need for hosting. Software as a service covers a vast span of software management. SAAS gives you a platform that turns great concepts into software as a service. SAAS hosting delivers the infrastructure and piece of mind that your applications and customers deserve. When it comes to software as a service websites and applications the main keys are the hosting architecture and the support behind it. They play an important role in how your applications perform online. Performance alone can differentiate your app from the existing apps , because your customer online experience determine greatly your product’s success. Whether you are a seasoned SAAS provider or an independent software vendor (ISV) making an important move towards the internet distribution model, down time, latency and non responsive technical support are non- negotiable. They are SAAS killers.

Because some of our largest customers started as small SAAS ventures, we have focused on understanding the architecture and support needs of the industry we work for. Focusing on finding smarter, more reliable and faster method for delivering apps.

But when talking about SAAS hosting by PSGINC, we provide, supply and setup the hardware. You load and configure your speciality, your application. A typical hosted SAAS solution consists of dedicated or virtual servers running your custom application which users access via the web.

Some SAAS solutions are websites and some of them are desktop applications. 240

The features and benefits include:

Our fast fibre network: our fully owned 6 data centres, which are fully equipped and 19 points of presence are connected by our 10 gbps network which is monitored relentlessly by experts in out network operations centre. It’s not only smart but it’s fast as well. The most important thing it do is proactively re routing traffic to avoid the latencies, slow loading of pages required and most importantly down time that will eventually plague your competitors application.

Smooth performance scaling: the most important factors are the ability to scale a SAAS environment, which is a key requirement for any SAAS provider. And therefore affecting it’s hosting partner. Our hosting offers a full suite of performance services to make scaling easy and as painless plus unobtrusive as possible form any CAST DNS to global load balancing.

Flexible storage options: with the success of SAAS comes growth, which calls for more complex storage strategies and solutions. We offer various on site, off site and even mixed options. So that you just have to determine your recovery point, recovery time and criticality of your existing data storage and strategy solutions.

Data centre SAAS hosting benefits:

The benefits of hosting SAAS at your data centres has been discussed in this blog, now we will gave a quick review on them.

1. Low start-up costs since we provide the hardware

2. 100 % uptime for Internet connectivity via multiple blended Internet providers

3. Expandable bandwidth, which can be increased as needed.

4. Backup UPS clusters with backup generators for 100 % power guarantee

5. Root access via RDP for windows along with KVM over IP for dedicated environments.

6. On site staff which is available 24-7 , unlike most offices . Someone is always available to touch the server.




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