Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM for new product development:



In this era, the understood fact is that the key to gain profit and increase profitability is innovation. to bring about revolution in everything you do. to introduce the latest in your industry and be the leading innovators in what you manufacture. those companies which are considered to be successful and are believed to be the innovators gain 43 % of the profit from the products launched from the past five years. an amazing ratio of 65 % of these products meet sales objective and over 67 % meet their profit objective. but the most important fact is that top innovators see their new products sell at 2.5 % times more and they achieve new and greater product investments on their products.

We believe that don’t waste valuable resources on things that don’t matter.

Drive down the operations costs : save time, standardize  and focus on resources. According to the sector’s necessities , we promote a manufacturing solution that was produced in light of it’s numerous particularities and which permits the viable planning and control of the whole protection and production cycle , integrating production , organization and logistics. fields and advertising the flow of data between the distinctive parts of the organization. get the best benefit from the prescient solutions group’s experience and relentless attention to delivering solution that meet the demands facing your organization’s needs. don’t struggle with slow decision making due to lack of information . let PSGinc let you serve as your go to technology partner , constantly anticipating and researching the trends to ensure your business and technology needs would be met.

PSGinc would work their best to eliminate the challenges and risks your business face and helps your receive the tangible return on what and how you invest.

The manufacturing sector is a constantly changing sector that needs a full support of a strong administration system which not only make it conceivable to optimize quality standards and costs thus fulfilling business responsibilities but also the one which will support in characterizing the industrial strategy plus management control.

Here the important factors which should be kept in mind while focusing on what separates  high  performance innovators from the rest ?

1. A strong commitment to delivering innovation and clear alignment of business plus innovation strategy.

2. A customer focused idea to launch process with rigorous go/kill decision gates.

3. Systematic portfolio management , with portfolios that contain high value believing projects.

4. Excellent project execution and highly efficient allocation of resources across all stages of the product from ideas to launch.

Our manufacturing solutions permits the organizations to manage the different phases of production process ( from the factory floor until the client takes delivery ) and likewise assist the whole  management process by making accessible fundamental input to the decision making methods.

The solution offer various useful  functions that structure the exact core of the production process , for example , the technical details about each item , traceability of articles , factory routines , daily work log , calculation requirements and the management of tools and molds around others.


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