Project & Portfolio Management

Make the Right Investment Decisions for your Organizations

Oracle Primavera enables organizations to align investments with corporate goals, thereby selecting opportunities that deliver the highest return from scarce resources. Organizations can strategically manage investments, resources and commitments using sophisticated evaluation and selection criteria, creating and optimizing planning scenarios, communicating decisions, monitoring progress and managing new ideas.

Oracle Primavera Provides:

  • Investment planning with the ability to create and assess project and product portfolios
  • Flexibility and accuracy in measuring investment evaluations through out-of-the box metrics such as benefit, cost, alignment, and risk
  • Unlimited "what-if" scenarios to help select the best business alternatives
  • Real-time investment status for faster response to success impediments
  • Idea management to help avoid missed business opportunities by providing an enterprise-wide vehicle for employee engagement.
  • Realistic portfolio scenarios that take into account dependencies among investments


Drivers Benefits
Visibility and Accountability Oracle PPM solutions centralize resource and project tracking/reporting enabling real-time business intelligence on the status of project activity and business results.
Strategy Execution and Alignment Oracle PPM solutions ensure project activity and resource investments support business goals and objectives by linking business priorities and project work during the project ideation, selection, and delivery phases.
Resource and Capacity Optimization Oracle PPM solutions optimize resource utilization based on availability, skill and role needs and ensure future capacity needs are accurately projected.
Project Team Productivity Oracle PPM solutions ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget by leveraging state-of-the-art user-interface technology and concepts, easy-to-use project scheduling/ tracking tools, and team collaboration capabilities including mobile and social PPM.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Competitively priced solutions, including cost-effective cloud delivery options, leads to a compelling TCO, especially when deployed in combination with complementary Oracle enterprise applications and tools.

Related Functionality

Oracle Primaverasoftware offers core project and portfolio management functionality. These capabilities provide organizations the ability to unify and simplify enterprise information and processes into a single system of record.

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