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Use Of Enterprise Track

oracle use INSTANTIS ENTERPRISE TRACK , The first question that arises is why you need to choose INSTANTIS ENTERPROSE TRACK. The use of this enterprise pack comes when you need to optimize project and resource investments. This helps you improve strategy execution and financial performance with more effective work and resource management. this end to end solution provides a top down approach to managing, tracking and reporting on the enterprise strategies, projects, portfolios, processes, resources and results. it uses what-if scenarios to optimize resource deployment. here we present an overview of the instantis enterprise track, so you have a clear view before choosing the best solutions for your resource deployment plus the above mentioned scenarios and solutions. here’s the overview: – plan and execute project portfolios strategies – manage demand and resource utilization strategies across IT and other project portfolio types. – monitor, report and analyze work and project portfolio activity, status and metrics – deploy quickly and easily the features include: strategy and process management: the benefits of this features includes, drive buisness and IT execution strategy from the top down by defining a portfolio of strategic goals and initiatives the second benefit is related to the feature idea management: capture new project ideas and filter requests by levergaging an online portfolio demand management: this feature is highly feasible when it comes to benefits like streamline and standarize intake capture , workflow, prioiritization resource scoping and approval processing for simple and complex project work demand proposal management: ensure alignment with strategic goals by enforcing a standarize workflow for promoting an idea for a proposal and selecting and approving projects. capacity management:  optimize scenarios with resources which include what-if scenario planning to simulate the impact of shifting , excluding or adjust proposed project plans resource management: enhance resource pool visibility and allocation control by balancing inbound work demand with available reource supply which includes time, staff and budget etc. the next feature is the most valuable of all project management: increase project status visibility and guide project team execution success. knowledge management: it is immportant as it improves project success by levergaging a centralised knowledge base of best practices, documents, tools and templates. financial management: this is very crucial for a projects success and minimising risk factors as it tracks planned versus actual costs with top down and bottom up project budgeting as well as capitalization, expense and charge back accounting. metrics management: track and roll up non-financial performance indicators such as defects , service levels, trouble tickets or any other operational metric of choice. survey management: gather feedback on demand from key internal customers and stakeholders with simple online surveys and polls. dashboards and reports: easily and instantly compose and share project and portfolio level projects which includes dashboards and reports at any phase of the project lifecycle , from ideas to metrics and from metrics to results collaboration: the collaboration involves improve productivity and project team which includes stakeholder communication and collaboration with seamless , fully integrated social networking. integration: it involves integrating with desktop applications , project management tools, enterprise applications and IT service management systems. oracle instantis enterprise track is the leading , cloud enterprise project portfolio management software used IT and project management offices to improve strategy execution and financial performance through better work and resource management. It provides an full service suite for managing , tracking and reporting on enterprise strategies , processes, projects , programs , portfolios , products, resources, costs and benefits. instantis enterprise track is easy to deploy quickly easy to use, easy to administer the tools of project and affordable. It empowers IT and PMO leaders


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